About Judi

If you have an interest in my work, you may contact me at judi@sculpturebyjudi.com

Judi Stickney

I have been carving stone in the Sacramento Area of Northern California since 1994. I enjoy the challenge and rewards of carving a variety of stone. Usually I begin the process by designing a small model in polymer clay that when heated becomes hard and durable, allowing me to use it for reference as I carve. The nature of the design has been in my head for awhile and is developed as I experiment with it in clay. Generally, I have purchased a stone having the shape of the idea, but occasionally the design idea is influenced by the stone’s shape and its other characteristics. My style incorporates balance and motion with fluidity from one perspective to another so that predictability of other views is challenged. As I create each carving, I seek to produce pleasant, soul-inspiring responses within the viewer.

At times, bronze castings of my work have opened up new opportunities for me to present some of my designs.

When I lived in Southern California I was fortunate to study under two accomplished sculptors who are also good teachers. For several years I studied with Saim Caglayan, a Laguna stone sculptor. I also studied a few months with Tony Amato in Vista where I learned to use pneumatic tool techniques.

My work is in private and corporate collections in Northern and Southern California and across the country. I have been represented in several local galleries, and in LaJolla, Carmel, and Laguna. I have participated in numerous exhibitions, most recently the Crocker Art Museum Invitational, and have received several top awards. Since 1994, I have participated in local studio tours. I have juried some local art exhibitions and have been published in the press several times locally.